Decorative Bristol Scout Propeller

Decorative Bristol Scout Propeller


Propellers are, without doubt, beautiful sculptural objects, so much so, that they have been adorning the interiors of flying clubs and people’s homes since the advent of flight.

Hordern Richmond began manufacturing propellers in the 1930’s for many of the now legendary WW2 fighters and bombers such as the Spitfire, Hurricane and Halifax.  Through the years, the company has designed and built wooden propellers for a remarkable array of classic aircraft.

Hordern Richmond’s propeller manufacturing capabilities are still very much alive through the Hercules brand and propellers are still produced for many types of airworthy light aircraft, from Edwardian pioneers through to ultra-modern racers.

Crafted in the Hordern Richmond workshops, our decorative propeller is a scaled down reproduction of the type used on the 1914 Bristol Scout fighter.  Made from laminated layers of polished African sapele wood with a machined aluminium hub plate, this authentic propeller will become the talking point of any room.

Tip to tip, the propeller measures 198 cm or 78” and comes with a secure wall mounting bracket.

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