The Aerodrome Range, Inspired By Aviation

Established in 1937

Hordern Richmond

Aviation Inspired writing instruments,

Handmade in the cotswolds, england

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eighty years of innovation


Continuing with the spirit of an era where things were made to last and indeed, just get better with age. Hordern Richmond have bought together a collection of the finest artisan-crafted writing instruments made from original decommissioned WWII Spitfire Propellers.

Hade made in the Cotswolds, in traditional workshops, each individually produced item becomes as familiar as an old friend.

True to the name we are also still making bespoke Spitfire Propellers to this very day.



Spitfire Pens & Pencils

You can imagine the guttural noise of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engined Spitfire as you hold this writing instrument in your hand. Created from an original propeller blade of a WWII Supermarine Spitfire, the wood is seasoned by the years in the air during one of the most poignant and emotive periods in history.

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Gipsy moth Pens & Pencils

Made in celebration of Amy Johnson's record breaking solo flight from London to Darwin in 1930.  Like Miss Johnson's Gipsy Moth biplane propeller, our Gipsy Moth writing instruments are machined from Honduras mahogany.  We have acquired a small quantity of this scarce timber to re-manufacture authentic propellers for surviving airworthy Gipsy Moths, with the surplus allowing us to produce a limited number of these unique pens and pencils.

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From handcrafted leather wallets and custom leather belts, to ornamental propellers and bespoke framed reproductions of our original 1940's engineering drawings, Hordern Richmond produce the finest quality products made by highly skilled individuals with a passion for their craft.